The Marimba-Duo CD "Tempest"


  1. Piano Sonata “Tempest“ 3rd Mov. / Ludwig van Beethoven
  2. Consolation No.3 / Franz Liszt
  3. Histoire du Tango"Nightclub 1960" / Astor Piazzolla
  4. Histoire du Tango"Concert d'aujourd'hui 1990"/ Astor Piazzolla
  5. Bulgarian Suite "Daichovo Horo" / Vyacheslav Semyonov
  6. Bulgarian Suite "Sevdana" / Vyacheslav Semyonov  
  7. Bulgarian Suite "Gankino Horo" / Vyacheslav Semyonov
  8. La fille aux cheveux de lin / Claude Debussy
  9. Italian Concerto 1st mov. / J.S.Bach
  10. Italian Concerto 2nd mov. / J.S.Bach
  11. Italian Concerto 3rd mov. / J.S.Bach
  12. Pavane pour une infante d?funte / Maurice Ravel
  13. 「Riverdance」 "American Wake" / Bill Whelan
  14. 「Riverdance」 "Slip into Spring" / Bill Whelan
  15. 「Riverdance」 "Andalucia" / Bill Whelan

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The Marimba-Duo CD "Riverdance"

A program rich in variety, fulfilling one with Protean Marimba sound !

A brilliant Marimba Duo album created through the partnership of virtuoso
Mr. Sasaki former timpanist / percussionist with Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, American Symphony, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, and San Diego Symphony, and Michiko Noguchi, a well-known figure through numerous media appearances. The audience will enjoy a variety of entertaining pieces ranging from J.S. Bach to B. Bartok and A. Piazzolla to B. Whelan, delivered with exquisite technique and a lasting impression.
[ Comment : UNIVERSAL MUSIC, IMS, Tokyo ]


 1. Bodel 1900 “Histoire du Tango” / Astor Pantale¢n Piazzolla
 2. Cafe 1930「“Histoire du Tango” / Astor Pantale?n Piazzolla
 3. Largo "second movement of the Harpsichord Concerto BWV1056" / Johann Sebastian Bach
4.〜8. B.Romanian Folk Dances / Bela Bartok
 9. Sakura / traditional Japanese folk song arranged by Seiji Yokoyama.
 10. Alla Turca (Turkish March) / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
 11. Nocturne No. 20, Op. Posth. in C-sharp minor / Frederic Chopin
 12Riverdance / Bill Whelan
 13. The Countess Cathleen /Bill Whelan
 14. Firedance / Bill Whelan

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   Tokyo Marimba Trio CD 「Sharade 」

    Victor VICC-139
  1. Maple Leaf Rag / S.Joplin arr.Isao Tomita
  2. Flapperette / J.Greer arr.Isao Tomita
  3. Charede / H.Mancini arr.Norio Maeda
  4. Bugler's Holiday / L.Anderson arr.M.Yoshikawa
  5. Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair / S.C.Foster arr.H.Tamaki
  6. Teasin Harry / L.Inns
  7. Xylophonia /J.Green
  8. Carry me back to Old Virginny / L.A.Bland arr.K.Maruyama
  9. Ring de Banjo & Camptomn Races / S.C.Foster arr.H.Tamaki
  10. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang / R.M.&R.S.Sherman arr.H.Tamaki
  11. Summer Time / G.Gershwin arr.K.Maruyama
  12. Boomerang / H.Breuer arr.Masoa Yoshikawa
  13. Whwn You Wish Upon a Ster(「Pinocchio」より
   / L.Harline arr.K.Maruyama
  14. Alice in Wonderland / S.Fain arr.K.Maruyama
  15. It's a Small World/ R.M.&R.S.Sherman arr.K.Maruyama

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